Composer, Music Arranger, Lyricist, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Performer, Music Improviser, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Music Director, Educator, Event Coordinator, Manager
In albedo
(2011 to present)

The band‘s music in their own words:
‘Music is alchemy. It is the search of the magical balance. The exterior directly intertwines with the interior. It is a transformation. In order to get gold out of lead a long road must be taken: you have to delve into the darkness, turn your soul to its depths, find the light and connect everything that is unconnectable and separate the unseparateable. Albedo is the second phase of alchemic conversion. It is the light, the silver, the comprehension and the consciousness. The creative process is like a white snowflake that consists of tiny snowflakes and the tiny snowflakes consist of even tinier ones... The process of seeking and purifying the consciousness lasts a lifetime. It is repeated in every stage of life: while doing anything that requires effort and creativity, every time when you get closer or further, from one decision to the other, from one insight to the other. Music is a road to the golden horizon that must be taken with shoes filled with lead‘

The music of In albedo is very distinct, it consists of many rhythmic structures, solos, improvisations and compositional elements. It is a mix of Jazz, Trip Hop, Reggae, Drum‘n‘Bass, Psychedelic, Dub, World, Free Jazz, Fusion and Progressive rock. The instruments here are used in unorthodox ways – one instrument may play more than one role. In albedo collaborates with various musicians such as German double bass player Tim Isfort, Achim Tang, saxophonist Andre Meisner, guitarist Thorsten Töpp, trumpet player Markus Türk. The list includes famous musicians from Belarus: saxophonist Pavel Aralekian, bassist Ludmila Krukovskaya, accordionist Yegor Zabelov, drummer Andrei Mavrin and Dmitrij Rybakov. The band permorfed at “VOLT 2011” festival in Hungary, Lithuanian festivals “Granatos Live”, “Vilnius Jazz 2013”, “Šiauliai Jazz”, cnntemporary classical music festival “Druskomanija”, German festivals “Platzhirsch Festival 2015”, “Platzhirsch Festival 2016”, “Muziek Biennale 2016” and many others local and international venues. In albedo took part in various jazz collaborations in Belarus and Germany. The band gave masterclasses abroad and played improvisational music in a project with musicians from Germany, Holland and Myanmar. In 2018 In albedo released their debut album-vinyl „Melquíades“. The name for the album is borrowed from Gabriel Garcia Marquez' legendary work “One Hundred Years of Solitude“. Gypsy Melquíades is the mythical, symbol who embodies the music and lyrics of “In albedo”.
Music for the group’s members is a certain alchemy and search for balance in an attempt to combine something that is not combinable, and separate something that is not separable. It is not accidentally that the musicians chose to call the group albedo, which denotes the phase of alchemic transformation and purification. While In albedo means towards the whiteness and light.

Band‘s line up & instrumentation:
Ieva Marija Baranauskaite: composer, lyricist, vocalist and keyboardist.
Justinas Žilys: guitarist.
Rokas Beliukevicius or Martynas Stoškus: drummer and percussionist.
Gabrielius Rimeika or Tadas Žukauskas: bassist.
Stasys Šalaševičius: saxophonist.

Founding & stylistic classification:
Formed: 2011
Genre: Jazz/Trip Hop/Reggae/Drum‘n‘Bass/Psychedelic/Dub/World/Free/Fusion/Progressive
Reference list:
2011: VOLT festival, Hungary/International
2013: Vilnius Jazz festival, Lithuania/International
2014: Granatos Live festival, Lithuania/International
2014: Šiauliai Jazz festival, Lithuania/International
2014: Druskomanija Conteporary Classical Music Festival, Lithuania/International
2015: Platzhirsch Festival, Germany/International
2016: Вечар імправізацыйнай музыкі, Belarus/International
2016: Platzhirsch Festival, Germany/International
2016: Muziek Biennale, Germany/International
2016: Beat Of A Drum, India/International
2017: Platzhirsch Festival, Germany/International
2020: What's Next In Music, Lithuania/International

2015: Note Lithuania: Folk / World, selection, CD
2018: Melquíades, debut album, LP

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