Composer, Music Arranger, Lyricist, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Performer, Music Improviser, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Music Director, Educator, Event Coordinator, Manager
Studio Republik
(2019 to 2020)

As a resident music instructor and program manager Ieva Baranauskaitė was invited to taught in Dubai in StudioRepublik together with musicians and artists from all around the world. The disciplines Ieva prepared and taught were Vocal, Intro Music For Kids, Songwriting, Ensemble and Voice Circle.

StudioRepublik consists of three platforms: The Arena (group exercises), The Lab (integrated wellness) and The Stage (performing arts). The Stage aims to liberate creativity in the fields of music, drama and dance. With world-class craftsmen and industry leaders making up The Stage’s team, StudioRepublik’s community will thrive in a fresh educational system that meets industry-standard goals with a brand-new approach that champions expression, artistry and a passion for learning. An exciting edition to the local music scene, StudioRepublik will offer Dubai’s first community recording studio – a space to grow the talent of tomorrow, as well as re-light the passion of the later-in-life musicians who have had work and life come between their love of music. The Dance studio will offer high-calibre dance instruction to toddlers, juniors, teens and adults of all levels, from absolute beginner to advance-level in all major dance disciplines, led by acclaimed performing arts professionals.

StudioRepublik is an immersive, state-of-the-art environment located in Dubai, where you can lose yourself—and discover a whole new you. Develop your powers of expression at The Stage, our fully equipped center for Music, Drama and Dance. Enhance your body’s capabilities at The Lab, with Nutrition, Rehab and Prehab, Personal Training, and Strength and Conditioning. Discover next-level sensations at The Arena, where Bootcamp, Aerial, Cycling, Yoga and Pilates classes are out of this world. All in a place designed to bring every part of you to life. Spread across two floors over 65,000ft2, StudioRepublik is an interconnected world of state-of-the-art spaces dedicated to their disciplines. Each environment aims to be the pinnacle of its kind. From the acoustically-treated walls to the corridors of screens, from the valet parking to the audio-visual installations, every detail is designed to awaken the senses and immerse you in your chosen world. All connected by spacious indoor streets where you can mingle, catch up, and find your next obsession. StudioRepublik goals and the methods are to provide a haven of self-betterment for a huge range of people to thrive, with the finest instructors and the best facilities in the business. StudioRepublik consists of three platforms: The Arena, The Lab and The Stage.

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