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Mazoji is short movie by British-Lithuanian movie director Aistė S. Gram. It's a second movie, where Ieva composed a full length soundtrack. Told through the perspective of a toddler, this is a story of a family's first encounter with schizophrenia.

This story has sprung from real life memories of several individuals and then underwent the creative transformation of imagination. It became something of a ‘colourful’ drama: you see and hear the tragedy at hand, and the struggle of the individuals involved, and yet, as you are seeing it all through the perspective of a very young child – there’s still magic, and there are still sounds and colours that add layers to this story. I was always much more connected to this kind of cinema; I think that it is a more primal, naturalistic way of experiencing things, one that reflects a constant dance of tears and laughter and terror and chaos of being human.

Approximately 1% of any population suffers from schizophrenia, and so families like Mažoji’s are not as uncommon as they may appear. They are a part of society, yet the taboo is still so prevalent that they are often too scared to talk about it, and more importantly, seek help. Hearing the news of mental illness befalling a loved one is scary, chaotic and painful. I wanted to try and glimpse at just a few individuals going through that, and do them justice. I hoped this film would enable dialogue about what it’s like to grow up in a family or be in a partnership with someone living in the lurking shadow of schizophrenia. I hoped it might help someone to feel understood (and it did!).

Writer/Director: Aistė S. Gram
Composer: Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė
Producers: Osvaldas Bručas, Džiugas Bartkus, Inga Šilerytė
Executive Producers: Vaida Savickienė, Nicky Kaur
Production company: SSB Studija
Cinematographers: Lina Margaitytė, Marius Krivičius
Production Designer: Greta Vileikytė
Costume Designer: Lukas Juodis
Editor: Laura Spini
Sound Designer: Adrian Conway
Cast: Lavija Lapašinskaitė, Olivija Lapašinskaitė, Deivydas Gudaitis, Martyna Gedvilaitė, Skomantas Duoplys, Vitalija Mockevičiūtė.

Overcome Film Festival 2022
Unrestricted View Film Festival 2023
Southport Film Festival 2023

Honorable Mention:
The Jane Austen International Film Festival 2023

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival 2022

Official selection:
Awareness Festival 2022 (USA)
Overcome Film Festival 2022 (USA)
The REEL Recovery Film Festival 2022 (USA)
North East International Film Festival 2022 (UK)
International Women's Film Festival KIN 2022 (Armenia)
NewFilmmakers NY 2023 (USA)
Crossing The Screen 2023 (UK)
Unrestricted View Film Festival 2023 (UK)
Short Encounters International Film Festival 2023 (Greece)
Romford Film Festival 2023 (UK)
Nevada Women’s Film Festival 2023 (USA)
Southport Film Festival 2023 (UK)
4th International Film Festival of Crete & Awards 2023 (Greece)
Festival Angaelica 2023 (USA)
The Jane Austen Film Festival 2023 (UK)

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