Composer, Music Arranger, Lyricist, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Performer, Music Improviser, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Music Director, Educator, Event Coordinator, Manager
After graduating from Balys Dvarionas Music School in 2007 and Vilnius College in 2014, where she was studying jazz music and performing art, the composer, vocalist, manager and keyboardist Ieva Marija Baranauskaite entered the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre where she was continuing the master studies of contemporary classical music composition.

In more than ten years she has played more than 600 concerts of original material in Lithuania and abroad. She has presented her music on the TV, radio, national and international festivals. In 2010, with the band Such’a’Trip she garnered first prize at Rebel Rock festival-competition. With the band In albedo she has appeared in such international music festivals as „VOLT 2011“ (Hungary), „Vilnius Jazz 2013“ (Lithuania), “Visaginas Country 2013“ (Lithuania), “Granatos Live 2014” (Lithuania), „Šiauliai Jazz 2014” (Lithuania), „Platzhirsch Festival 2015” (Germany), “Sirenos Theater Festival 2015” (Lithuania), “Bliuzo Naktys 2016” (Lithuania) “Urban ’16 Art” (Lithuania), “Muziek Biennale 2016” (Germany) etc.

The artist is open to various projects of multiculture and art synthesis, writes various kind of music, gives masterclasses for children in Germany and other countries. Constantly she collaborates with famous German musicians such as pianist Julia Kadel, trumpeters Markus Türk and John-Dennis Renken, double-bass players Tim Isfort and Achim Tang, saxophonist Andre Meisner and guitarist Thorsten Töpp, also with Byelorussian musicians like saxophonist Pavel Aralekian, bassist Ludmila Krukovskaya, drummers Andrei Mavrin and Dmitrij Rybakov, Danish double-bassist Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, French musicians pianist Gauthier Toux, bassist Boris Kulenovic and drummer Maxence Sibille, New York stars Saxophonist Uri Gurvich, bassist Petros Klampanis and classical music pianist Andrius Žlabys, Polish guitarist Brian Massaka Victorsson, Canadian table player Gurpreet Chana, Norwegian musicians: pianist Tord Gustavsen, double-bassist Sigurd Hole, drummer Jarle Vespestad and other musicians, managers and artists from India, USA, Belarus, France, Denmark, Germany, China etc.

In 2013, Ieva presented her project "Connections of Poetry and Music". It consisted of a series of events where Ieva would brief audiences with the biographies of various authors and read their works. The reading was accompanied by her musical improvisations on piano and vocals.

In 2016 she debuted as a composer of symphonic music at the contemporary academic music festival "Druskomanija". Her original piece „Bazm–e dāstāngo" was performed by the youth symphony orchestra under the conduction of Ričardas Šumila.

I.Baranauskaitė participated and was the artistic director of the Indian classical music, dance and jazz fusion Project "Ritme" presented in 2016, where she had the opportunity to work with the Hindu tabla master Hiren Chate. In 2017, the musician was invited to a musical workshop in India, organized by H. Chate's organization "Beat Of A Drum" for European and Indian musicians called "Rythm Winter School". In these rhythmic, percussion and tabla workshops for Kathak dancers and musicians from different fields, I.Baranauskaitė improved her rhythmic skills by studying aspects of accompaniment in Indian styles such as Taal, Upaj and Sangat, and also had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of the Hindustani classical music through participating in discussions, and in recording sessions. In December 2018, Ieva returned to India to perform Hiren Chate's compositions and contributed to the filming of music video clips.

As the official composer and musician of the theatre, I. Baranauskaitė successfully debuted in the performance "Tamošius Bekepuris", directed by Cezaris Graužinis. In 2016 the piece was awarded as a "Most Talented Interpretation of a Lithuanian Classic" in the professional theatre festival of Dalia Tamulevičiūtė, as well as being chosen as the favorite of the audience.

In the same year, she participated in the performance of the contemporary musical drama inspired by Samuel Beckett's novel "L'innomable" as a filmmaker, composer, and performer. In this project, she worked with well-known Lithuanian contemporary music performers and musicians such as Eugenijus Kanevičius, Arnas Mikalkėnas, Armantas Gečiuskas, and Antanas Dombrovskis.

In 2017, she also wrote music for the theater performances "Kuprota Meilė" by director Cezaris Graužinis and "Kari and the Bacteria" by director Dovile Lisauskienė.

In the same year she presented the project "YRA" in collaboration with other artists. In this project, she worked with Aleksandr Špilevoj, who in the same year was gained the golden stage cross for directing the performance „Neišmoktos Pamokos". Other colleagues included the innovative lighting artist Egle Prokopavičiūte, contemporary dancer Laura Švedaitė, actors Clotilde Solange Rigaud, Jonas Braškis, and Gabija Siurbyte.

In September 2017, Ieva visited Germany, where she presented three projects: a visual project including photography, painting and music, in collaboration with the artist Anna Polukord and the German artist Rüdiger Eichholtz, the project "In albedo and Andre Meisner" featuring Baranauskaitė's compositions, as well as a project that was based on various folk music combined with jazz named "Shades Of The World". During it, she collaborated with the German saxophonist Andre Meisner.

In October-May 2017, Ieva taught improvisation, stage art, and music Vilnius Waldorf's twelfth-grade students. With this class, she co-produced an interactive audio performance named "Blind Date" the goal was to understand the relationship between language as a controlled sound structure and music.

At the end of November 2017, Ieva was invited as a music director, musician, composer, and bandleader to present and publish an album for the rap music producer "Karpiz". In May 2018 the project won two awards for best performer of the year and the best album of the year.

In June 2018, Ieva released a vinyl called "Melquíades" and presented a musical performance with the same title with her band "In albedo". In this work, she was the leader of the project, musician, composer and text author. "Melquiades" was based on Gabriel Garcia Marquez' book "One hundred years of solitude" and I. Baranauskaitės original compositions. Collaborators for the project included one of the most prominent Lithuanian perfumer Laima Kiškūnė, costume designer Rūta Lendraitytė, the theatre group "Cezario grupė" under the leadership of Cezaris Graužinis, lighting artist Rimas Petrauskas, sound engineer Mantas Tamulionis, graphic designer Martynas Baranauskas, and many other artists.

In 2018 - 2019 Ieva was working as a head of the concert and event organization team and representative for partners of the concert hall "Pasaga" in "Paliesiaus dvaras". During her time as part of the team she organized high profile jazz and classical concerts for music stars such as Norwegian "Tord Gustavsen Trio", French pianist Jean-Marc Luisada, Lithuanian pianist Andrius Žlabis, Latvian violinist Gidon Kremer, Spanish guitarist Juan Manuel Cañizares, Lithuanian artist Goda Gedvilaitė, and many other famous performers.

In September 2018, the composer wrote, directed and presented an hour-long contemporary musical drama named "Gentis", which was based on Lithuanian mythology and the Hindu epic "Bhagavadgyta". The composition was specially written for a choir, jazz music group, string quartet, dancers and five soloists. In this project she worked with libretto author Arūnas Kazlauskas, drummer Rokas Beliukevičius, singers and actors Julius Andrikonis, Dainius Balsys, Darius Krasauskas, Anna Polukord, Paulina Simutytė, Inga Šepetkaitė, Liucija Nanartavičiūtė, Kristupas Gylius, Artūras Murauskas, Emilija Bagdonaitė, jazz musicians Kristupas Kmitas, Danielius Pancerovas, Justinas Žilys, Gabrielius Rimika, contemporary dance troupe "AURA", the winner of "Mados Infekcija" costume designer Diana Kuzmickaitė, and many other artists. In 2019 together with the team she put the whole musical drama to the album and released it on the same name "Gentis".

2019 - 2020 as a resident music instructor and program manager Ieva Baranauskaitė was invited to teach in "StudioRepublik" (Dubai, U.A.E), where she was working together with Berklee college musicians and artists from all around the world. The disciplines Ieva prepared and taught were Vocal, Intro Music For Kids, Songwriting, Ensemble and Voice Circle. Here she was also performing together with the world wide known musicians such as Italian bassist Daniele Camarda, American musicians drummer Patrick Duke Graney and pianist Prathit Kadam, Colombian guitarist Juan Diego Chandra Dhas and many others.

In 2020 she successfully debuted as a movie composer in the new feature film "Advokatas" (eng. "The Lawyer") of famous lithuanian director Romas Zabarauskas. Her music has been noticed and well appreciated by foreign film critics.

In the 2020 summer she joined as a MD, composer, keyboardist, and vocalist famous Lithuanian bands "Migloko" and "Tie Geresni". Also presented a new project with writer Laura Svedaite named Vilniaus Sekretai. Here together with the writer, actors Paulius Čižinauskas, Vilma Raubaite and french electronic music produser Boris Kulenovic, artists are speaking about different Vilnius city districts by creating the sound scape through music and documentary stories written by Laura Švedaite.

In 2021 Ieva Marija Baranauskaite sign the contract with Sweedish label "Moviescore media" and released a soundtrack of Romas Zabarauskas movie "The Lawyer". Together with the Music Information Centre Lithuania she also published her original music score as small educational piano pieces for advanced piano players. Her original music was also included in 2021 „Ethno Jazz From Lithuania“ release. In the same year she composed and performed music for mono-performance “Anykščių Šilelis“, directed by Paulius Čižinauskas, and the children theater performance „Saldainių Lietus“, directed by Virginija Kuklytė. Moreover together with contemporary dance performers and jazz musicians she created the moving project “Čia Nieko Mūsų Nėra”, based on improvised music and dance performances in various untraditional locations. Also as a music director she joined the music project “Godo Yorke”, where she made a music arrangements for a live show “Godo York Orchestra: In Silence In Sirence”. In the same year together with a hip hop band “Tie Geresni”, she recorded three pieces for their upcoming album.

In 2022 I. Baranauskaite composed music for short movie “Mazoji” directed by Aiste S. Gram, which was already selected by seven international movie festivals in Los Angeles and UK. Also she created two live performances for actor and writer Juozas Gaizauskas book presentation event and one more performance for painter Egle Dudone in her exhibition opening. In the same year she joined the project “Žėručio Gatvės Byla“ by Kastytis Sarnickas aka Kastetas, where they are telling the whole criminal detective story through the rhymes, music and live hip hop. At the moment she is composing music for choreographer and dancer Dominyka Markevičiūtė solo performance and at the same time together with Indian Tabla master Hiren Chate she is working on a music for upcomming Dutch choreographer Damien Jalet theater performance. Also this year with her jazz project “esi” she is working on her a new album called “Hush-Hush”. The album will be released this december.

Ieva Marija Baranauskaite is composing music for the theater and other kind of performances, writing songs and music for her bands, movies choreographers, also writes various articles about music for magazines and press, participating in many project as a composer, singer, performer, keyboardist, music director, lyricist, arranger, sound engineer, sound designer, educator, event coordinator and manager as well.

She is also participating in education field, where she creates the systems to learn to understand musical and psychological process using theater and music improvisation methods, games and language as aknowable sound system tool.

I.Baranauskaitė is the leader of bands Such‘a‘Trip, esi, Jazz By Two, Maestro Kinas and In albedo, collaborating with theatres “Cezario Grupe", "Degam", bands “Tie Geresni”, “Migloko”, “Godo York”, “Čia nieko Mūsų nėra”, german manager-artist Rüdiger Eichholtz, Indian tabla player Hiren Chate, painters Sophie Voigt-Chadeyrongt and Anna Polukord, writers Valdas Papievis and Laura Švedaitė, photographers Viktoras Volkovas and Mykolas Juodelė, duch choreographer Damien Jalet, cultural institutions such as Goethe Institut Minsk, Goethe Institut Duisburg, Geothe Institut Litauen, Fasel Stiftung Duisburg, Asian Arts Center, Lithuanian-Indian Forum, Latga, Agata and Music Information and Publishing Center.

Ieva organizes concerts and creative workshops in Lithuania for foreign music performers, public meetings with Lithuanian artists for foreign managers, participating in many art events as jury and takes active part in Lithuanian and foreign cultural life.

The musician tried her hand in several instruments, she is working in many fields with different kind of art forms, but she considers herself not so much as a performer or composer etc. but rather the mediator of the creative process. “I always prioritized what I do, not what instrument or tool I use. Instrument is only the means facilitating the move of music from inside to outside”, explained Ieva.