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The Lawyer
(2020 - 2021)
Advokatas (The Lawyer) is feature-length movie by famous Lithuanian movie director Romas Zabarauskas, where Ieva made her successful debut as a movie composer.
Romas Zabarauskas previous works (We Will Riot, You Can’t Escape Lithuania and his debut short, Porno Melodrama) tackle the subjects of queer love, resurgent nationalism and politics, and have been successfully shown on the festival circuit in such places as Berlin, Moscow and Bushwick. The script of "The Lawer" , penned by the director himself, tells the complicated love story between two men, a Lithuanian lawyer called Marius (played by Eimutis Kvosciauskas) and Ali (Turkish thesp Doğaç Yıldız), a Syrian refugee stuck in Belgrade. Unpacking the subjects of identity, privilege and the nature of love, the film promises an intimate experience spiced up with noir elements. The cast is enriched by the presence of actors Darya Ekamasova, Denisas Kolomyckis, Danilas Pavilionis, Neringa Bulotaite, Aiste Dirziute, Naglis Bierancas, Simonas Mozura, Clotilde Rigaud, Aiste Gramantaite and Jelena Stupljanin. Furthermore, the technical crew includes DoP Narvydas Naujalis (Isaac [+], You Can’t Escape Lithuania), composer Ieva Marija Baranauskaite and editor Ieva Veiveryte (El Padre Medico, Park ‘79). The film was entirely shot in Vilnius and Belgrade.

In 2021 prestigious Swedish record company MovieScore Media released a digital soundtrack album of the film The Lawyer, composed by Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė. The company's catalog also includes the name of the legendary film composer, the author of the music of "Twin Pyks", Angelo Badalamenti.

Director: Romas Zabarauskas
Screenwriter: Romas Zabarauskas
DoP: Narvydas Naujalis
Composer: Ieva Marija Baranauskaite
Editor: Ieva Veiveryte
Cast: Eimutis Kvoščiauskas, Dogac Yildiz, Darya Ekamasova, Denisas Kolomyckis, Danilas Pavilionis, Neringa Bulotaite, Aiste Dirziute, Naglis Bierancas, Simonas Mozura, Clotilde Rigaud, Aiste Gramantaite, Jelena Stupljanin

Reviews from the world top film and music critics:
"I was surprised to discover that this was composer Ieva Marija Baranauskaite's debut film score. There's a confidence and stylistic choices that you'd normally only expect to witness in a composer who had been working for several years. [...] There's a strong main theme, which rears its head from time to time. [...] for it's sheer originality and inventiveness this is certainly an album that's worth seeking out. [...] if you're after something a little different from the norm this is well worth checking."

"The next release from MSM, is the score for the drama The Lawyer, music courtesy of Lithuanian composer Ieva Marija Baranauskaite. The soundtrack is a mainly a jazz orientated work, but has to it a rather downbeat sound, this however does not spoil in any way the impact and the excellence of the work. The movie which focuses upon a gay corporate lawyer who after the death of his long absent Father finds unexpected love with Ali a Syrian refugee who is stranded in Belgrade. The score smolders and becomes sensual and pleasingly melodic as one gets further into it. The composer utilizing piano, sax, and brushed percussion to create an easy going but at the same time rather sad sounding work. It’s a score that one can easily leave in the player to repeat over and over, and never tire of it. Worth a listen and again available on April 9th. "

"Owing to its outstanding cinematic composition, everything from the avant-garde gallery in Vilnius to the prefab buildings in New Belgrade is stylishly captured, whilst Ieva Marija Baranauskaite's elegant soundtrack rounds off this little pearl of a film."

“The delicate, piano-led score by Ieva Marija Baranauskaite is romantic and melancholic in all the right moments.”

"Moreover, the feature’s elegant score (courtesy of composer Ieva Marija Baranauskaite) and cinematography (lensed by DoP Narvydas Naujalis) contribute to enhancing the intimate, poetic dimension of the romance."

"Shot with a gentle realism and naturalistic style, The Lawyer captures the humanity at the heart of a refugee story with conviction something furthered by Ieva Marija Baranauskaite’s delicate piano score."

"The cinematography is very stylish indeed and the smooth, seductive jazz playing as non-diegetic pieces are a very effective accompaniment allowing the film to develop at its own pace, maintaining a similar rhythm, but also invokes a hypnotising effect throughout the film. Such musical impact also assists by creating a platform for romance in a boy meets boy trope which so far seems rather predictable given that Marius is suffering from grief. All of which is heightened by the mesmerising chemistry between Eimutis Kvoščiauskas and Doğaç Yildiz as Marius and Ali."

"There’s plenty to love about The Lawyer, and I do wish that I was getting to silently weep at the cinema rather than watching it at home on the laptop. It’s not a bombastic film by any means; the beautifully sombre score in particular deserves to be heard in surround sound."

"The melancholic score throughout perfectly compliments the mood of the film."

"Für atmosphärische Musik sorgt der zwischen Klassik und Jazz variierende Soundtrack von Komponistin Ieva Marija Baranauskaite."

"Le film de Romas Zbarauskas, tout en questionnant la violence des rapports sociaux, l’identité queer et le gouffre qui sépare les deux protagonistes, nous offre un drame sentimental où la quête d’un monde plus humain est l’enjeu majeur du propos. Il le fait avec élégance et sensibilité, captant le spectateur au fil d’images de toute beauté, jouant avec les couleurs, entre rouge et bleu et quelques touches de noir et blanc, travaillant avec finesse les contrastes de lumière, le tout sur la musique envoûtante de Ieva Marija Baranauskaite. Le duo de comédiens, au jeu parfait, évolue dans une atmosphère mouvante, au fil des émotions et sentiments contradictoires qui les habitent."

"Žiūrėdamas lietuviškus filmus visuomet pastebiu taip vadinamą „chaltūrą“, kuri tiesiog erzina akis, jog atrodo, kad žiūri ne vaidybinį filmą, o kokį nors pigiai susuktą televizinio serialo epizodą. Čia viskas yra visiškai kitaip. Matosi, kad prie projekto dirbo tikrai gabūs žmonės, kurie išmanė tai, ką darė. Todėl mes ir gavome itin profesionaliai atrodantį bei pasauliniam kinui prilygstantį vaizdą. Ir taip, kalbu visiškai rimtai. Filme mes gauname nuostabų operatoriaus darbą, kuris leido bent kažkiek susitapatinti su aktoriais, o muzika... Kokia čia nuostabi ir puikiai prie rodomų scenų priderinta muzika. Didelis bravo tiek kompozicijų autoriams, tiek ir pačiam režisieriui su jo komanda, kurie sugebėjo išspausti maksimalų efektą iš garso takelio. Neslėpsiu, bet man patiko ir garso bei vaizdo montažas, spalvos, kurios pabrėždavo ekrane vyraujančią nuotaiką, meninis apipavidalinimas ir aišku pačios lokacijos, kuriose vyko filmo siužetinės linijos veiksmas. Tad drąsiai teigiu, jog techninė filmo dalis yra išties pagirtina ir verta žiūrovų dėmesio."

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