Composer, Music Arranger, Lyricist, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Performer, Music Improviser, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Music Director, Educator, Event Coordinator, Manager
Kari Ir Bakterija
(2014 to present)
This is an educational performance for children that promotes how clever and fun to clean your teeth. Their young audience are told about the great damage that can be caused by the high consumption of sweets and teeth care. The purpose of the musical is to prove that it is not so scary to sit in the dentist's chair; it is important to do everything in time!

The performance was created according to Thorbjørn Egner's Norwegian fairy tale for children: "Karius og Baktus" which was released in 1949 in Norway. This theatrical fairy tale was presented in Norwegian, English, Danish and German theaters, and had a great success. The creative team consists of the director Dovilė Lisauskienė, stage designer Arūnas Lomonosovas, music group Maestro Kinas, choreographer Katerina Voropaj and Evelina Pilkauskaitė.

The musical is designed for 4-9 year old young audiences and their accompanying family members.

Composer: Maestro Kinas
Theater director: Dovilė Lisauskienė
Stage designer: Arūnas Lomonosovas,
Costume designer: Ellen Cairns
Choreographer: Katerina Voropaj and Evelina Pilkauskaitė.
Live music: Maestro Kinas
Script: Thorbjørn Egner


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