Composer, Music Arranger, Lyricist, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Performer, Music Improviser, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Music Director, Educator, Event Coordinator, Manager
Saldainių Lietus
(2021 to present)
Illusion performance for children from 4 years. The ensemble of actors DEGAM presents a performance "Candy Rain" about the feelings. A performance about children's emotions and the miraculous friendship between father and daughter, created in collaboration with a child psychologist - psychotherapist Aušra Kuriene, who says: "Do not ignore and underestimate the feelings of yourself and loved ones: how we feel is important." The creative team analyse children's emotions and aims to help young spectators to name them, for parents it is an opportunity to find creative solutions to resolve issues in the family sometimes called "storm of emotions." Even during the crisis, adults are responsible for the emotional state of children, whatever it is, so the main heroes of the play - father and daughter - use thoughtful methods of calming down while playing. And the magic tricks in the performance are directed by the World Guinness World Record holder, illusionist Rokas Bernatonis. It’s a bright, musical performance about the magic that happens while playing. And a message is sent to parents that the most beautiful time is spent with their children. The live music, which is included in performance was composed by Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė.

Director and screenwriter: Virginija Kuklytė
Magic director: Rokas Bernatonis
Composer: Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė
Choreographer: Sigita Mikalauskaitė
Set designer and costume designer: Vita Eidimtaitė
Psychologist psychotherapist: Aušra Kurienė
Actors: Šarūnas Gedvilas and Urtė Smulskytė
The project is funded by: Lithuanian Culture Council and Vilnius City Municipality.
Live music: Keyboards - Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė


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