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The Writer
(2023 - 2024)
Rašytojas (The Writer) is feature-length movie by famous Lithuanian movie director Romas Zabarauskas, where Ieva composed a full length soundtrack. It's Ieva's second collaboration with this director. The cast is enriched by the presence of American actors Bruce Ross and Jamie Day. Furthermore, the technical crew includes Narvydas Naujalis , composer Ieva Marija Baranauskaite and other famous Lithuanian artists. The film was entirely shot in New York.

Lithuanian filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas’ fourth feature film “The Writer” was directly influenced by the invasion of Ukraine. It tells the story of two Lithuanian men who reunite in New York 30 years after their military service in the Soviet army and discuss love and their own accommodations with history. Zabarauskas tells Variety: “Many of us in our region don’t want to be associated with our Soviet past. But this war made me think that current Russian terror is not dissimilar from Soviet Russian terror, and we still have a lot of things to unpack and acknowledge. I was born in the same year that Lithuania declared independence in 1990. But I’m interested in reaching even younger audiences who are also trying to deal with that.”

Director: Romas Zabarauskas
Screenplay: Romas Zabarauskas, Marc David Jacobs, Anastasia Sosunova, Artūras Tereškinas
Cinematography: Narvydas Naujalis
Composer: Ieva Marija Baranauskaite
Editor: Ignė Narbutaitė
Art director: Giedre Valeisaite
Producers: Glenn Elliott, Romas Zabarauskas, Aidan Tumas
Costumes designer: Lukas Juodis
Cast: Bruce Ross, Jamie Day

Reviews from the world top film and music critics:
"The production design is highly accomplished and made me think of Resnais already before I was aware of the director’s reference. There are sudden close-ups of objects that even bring Muriel to mind. The lighting might change in an instant, as in the clip below. The largely unobtrusive camera will sometimes move even if the conversation itself doesn’t require it. In many respects, The Writer is a beautifully conceived work asking questions about what defines us as human beings, whether politically, sexually or nationally. Narvydas Naujalis’ lensing and the music by Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė further add to the pleasure of the film."

"Kompozitorės Ievos Baranauskaitės muzikos takelis sužadina nostalgijos bei melancholijos jausmus, kurie organiškai įsilieja į filmo tematiką ir vizualinę kalbą, tačiau kartais tampa per daug pastebimu ir atitraukia nuo istorijos. Galbūt šio disonanso buvo siekiama, kad suaštrinti šių personažų vidinio pasaulio konfliktą akistatoje su išoriniu? Ši unikali istorija, tai gaivus oro gurkšnis lietuviško kino padangėje. Istorija nebijanti liesti kolektyvios traumos ir atminties temų bei pradėti pasakoti ir be atsiprašinėjimų klausti (...)."

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