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Bazm - E Dāstāngo
In 2016 Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė debuted as a composer of symphonic music with the symphonic poem "Bazm - E Dāstāngo" ( alternative name "Letters From Marocco" ). The premier of the musical composition was performed in contemporary cassical music festival "Druskomanija" by Lithuanian selected symphony orchestra Conducted by Ričardas Šumila.

"Bazm-e dāstāgano" translates literally from Arabic into meaning "the gathering of storytellers". This was the name of the first meeting of this ancient
tradition of storytellers. Later, this tradition was renamed "Halqa-e Arbab-e Zauq", which means: unit of people with a good taste. The symphonic piece consists of four parts:

Part I is named "Ā'isha Qandiş" - a female genie. For Moroccans Ā'isha Qandiş are often associated with disasters that appearing in their homes. In the symphonic poem this part symbolizes the beginnings of evil.

Part II is named "Milh". It is an Arabic word that means "salt". In the sufi * tradition so called is humanity of mankind. (* Sufi is a member of a mystic brotherhood, presumably pre-Islamic, but commonly found in Islamic countries. In their culture it is said that the only way to gain wisdom and values is to learn from myths, legends an fairy tales. In the symphonic poem this part symbolizes the beginning of goodness.

Part III is named "Habūb". It's an Arabic word for a desert sandstorm. This storm symbolizes the struggle between good and evil within the human being.

Part IV is named Hudhud. Hudhud is an Arabic name for the hoopoe. The hoopoe is considered to be a magical bird in Arabic culture. It is said that this bird was landed on the right shoulder of King Solomon. In the symphonic poem this part symbolizes the moment of the miracle.

Each part is a separate short story, and also a metaphor. These four metaphors make up another story about the constant choices made by man between good and evil. The symbols of fairy tales have the encoded meaning. And this encoded meaning conveys the essential points of the continuous psychological process inside the human being.